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MMGC provides a number of services for academic, governmental and commercial microbiological research institutes:

research consultancy, bioinformatic analysis, project management, preparation of scientific publications

Book: Bacteria, The Benign, the Bad
and the Beautiful Summing Up: Recommended.(Choice, 1 July 2012)


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MMGC assisted in a paper that made it into Nature Communications

A publication in a highly established journal like Nature Communications is ultimate proof of outstanding research. The research group of Prof. Thomas C.G. Bosch, from Kiel University, Germany, is renown for their excellent research using the water polyp Hydra as a model organism.

It was therefore an honour when Dr. Bosch requested assistance of MMGC to prepare a manuscript for Nature Comm. And after a thorough round of review, which strengthened the paper thanks to highly professional reviewers, the paper came out in October 2017. The work describes how nerve cells of this animal control the bacteria living on its outside. A press release can be found here.

We look forward to further collaboration with the Bosch Team!

Book recommendation

Bacteria: The Benign, the Bad, and the BeautifulBacteria:
The Benign,
the Bad, and
the Beautiful

Dr. Trudy Wassenaar


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