Examples of our work

Here are a few examples of our services. More information and price indications on request.

Bioinformatic analysis

EXAMPLE. A client was interested in patterns observed in the ORF distribution of a particular micro-organism and would like to know the biological relevance of the observations. MMGC analysed the patterns  and correlated to the biological properties of the organism. This opened a new field of computer-based research.

EXAMPLE. A client had performed subtractive hybridization with two strains of one bacterial species. The resulting clones had been partially sequenced. Most gene fragmens had no or only weak hits in BLAST. A thorough analysis was performed by MMGC to identify the top 10 candidates to focus the wet-lab research.This resulted in a fast and resource-efficient breakthrough.

EXAMPLE. A client wanted to identify particular gene combinations in a bacterial genome responsible for a particular, complex phenotype. Total bacterial genome comparison was performed with PSI-BLAST and rthe outcome was elated to known phenotypes to deduce this complex information to workable hypotheses.

EXAMPLE. A client was working on a particular antibiotic resistant gene and ordered a literature review. This was extended to a review of available sequences. Phylogenetic anaysis, performed at MMGC, resulted in a new mechanism of spread of this resistance gene, which opened a new field of laboratory research.

Latest News

Hepatitis A was once an insect virus

We performed a thorough analysis of Hepatitis A virus and discovered that this virus most likely had an ancestor virus replicating in insects. The work was initiated by MMGC in collaboration with colleagues from UAMS.

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The publication is open source and can be found here

Past vaccination with BCG (Tuberculosis) does not protect against Covid-19

In spite of publications in top journals predicting otherwise, an analysis of international data clearly indicated lack of protection. The work was initiated by MMGC in collaboration with independent scolars. The findings were published as early as July 2020 here, and lack of protection by GCG was later confirmed by other research group in clinical trials. That is not to say that vaccination doesn't work: the internationally approved SARS-CoV-2 vaccines are highly effective to prevent severe disease and death.

Book recommendation

Bacteria: The Benign, the Bad, and the BeautifulBacteria:
The Benign,
the Bad, and
the Beautiful

Dr. Trudy Wassenaar


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