EXAMPLE. An academic research group asked for a literature review, to spend the leftover of a research grant. This resulted in a high-quality review paper, which not only increased the visibility of the research group, but also identified knowledge gaps which were used to draft a follow-up grant proposal.

EXAMPLE. A company producing detection kits wanted to extend their range products, but needed assistance in analysing the latest publications in a complex research area. In close collaboration with their Research and Development department, MMGC identified the 'hot' literature to quickly design the most suitable detection strategy.

EXAMPLE. A client demanded a thorough literature review on bacterial virulence, and the spread of virulence genes in natural bacterial populations. MMGC produced a report reviewing over 300 references, which was printed on CD, with all reference links providing the abstract of the cited papers.

EXAMPLE. A company had the impression their product was not receiving a fair press. It commissioned MMGC to perform a literature search and asked for an unbiased opinion. The results were not completely what the company had wanted to hear, but sometimes an independent mind is all it needs to be put on the right track.

EXAMPLE. A governmental agency wanted an update on genetically modified animals in the food chain. An extensive literature search by MMGC was summarized in a comprehensible report, written for the non-expert.