Current activities

Our current activities include preparation of manuscripts describing bioinformatical analysis of comparative genomics, and a review article on the microbiome and heart disease. With multiple journal publications currently in press, a continuous output is guaranteed.

You can now send you Manuscripts for editorial improvements. Apart from English corrections, the quality of the scientific content and graphical presentations will also be assessed. Get a cost estimate for your manuscript.

Academic research groups continue to use our services for data analysis and manuscript preparation. Contact us in case you are interested.

The year 2019 has been very productive. Our website was visited over 90,000 times in 2019. MMGC was involved in multiple projects, four of which were published in 2019 in peer-reviewed journals. 

The collaboration with Dr. David Ussery, at the University of Arkansas Medical Sciences (USA) was continued and this has resulted in a lot of output. MMGC also continued collaboration with PaperTrans, a company in China providing editorial service for Chinese authors.

New projects will start up in 2020, which already predicts to become an interesting year.

We thank our customers for their confidence and constructive collaborations.