Current activities

Our current activities include preparation of manuscripts describing bioinformatical analysis of comparative genomics, and a review article on the microbiome and heart disease. With multiple journal publications currently in press, a continuous output is guaranteed.

You can now send you Manuscripts for editorial improvements. Apart from English corrections, the quality of the scientific content and graphical presentations will also be assessed. Get a cost estimate for your manuscript.

Academic research groups continue to use our services for data analysis and manuscript preparation. Contact us in case you are interested.

Peer reviewing is a cornerstone of scientific publishing. The pecking order of journals dictates that the journals Nature and Science are at the top. To maintain that reputation, their editors are dependent on high-quality review reports, and select their invitations to reviewers carefully. It is considered an honour to be asked to review an article for such a high-profile journal, and in 2018 that honour went to MMGC, of we are a little pround!