Current activities

Our current activities include preparation of manuscripts describing bioinformatical analysis of comparative genomics, and a review article on the microbiome and heart disease. With multiple journal publications currently in press, a continuous output is guaranteed.

You can now send you Manuscripts for editorial improvements. Apart from English corrections, the quality of the scientific content and graphical presentations will also be assessed. Get a cost estimate for your manuscript.

Academic research groups continue to use our services for data analysis and manuscript preparation. Contact us in case you are interested.

A publication in a highly established journal like Nature Communications is ultimate proof of outstanding research. The research group of Prof. Thomas C.G. Bosch, from Kiel University, Germany, is renown for their excellent research using the water polyp Hydra as a model organism.

It was therefore an honour when Dr. Bosch requested assistance of MMGC to prepare a manuscript for Nature Comm. And after a thorough round of review, which strengthened the paper thanks to highly professional reviewers, the paper came out in October 2017. The work describes how nerve cells of this animal control the bacteria living on its outside. A press release can be found here.

We look forward to further collaboration with the Bosch Team!