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bacteria benignBOOK

Trudy M. Wassenaar (2011).
John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
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computin comparative genomics


Ussery, D.W., Borini, S. and Wassenaar, T. M. (2008).
Springer UK.
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Salmonella and salmonellosisBOOK CHAPTER

Wassenaar, T.M., Jun S.-R., Wanchai V., Patumcharoenpol, P., Nookaew, I., Schlum, K., Leuze, MR. and Ussery, D.W.Lukjancenko, L.
In: Current Topics in Salmonella and Salmonellosis.

Mihai Mares (Ed).
InTech. (2017)

Comparative genomics of Lactobacillus and related lactic acid bacteria.BOOK CHAPTER

Wassenaar, T.M. and Lukjancenko, L.
In: Lactic Acid Bacteria - Biodiversity and Taxonomy.

Holzapfel W. and Wood BJB (Eds).
John Wiley and Sons. (2014)


book Beneficial microorganismsBOOK CHAPTER

Wassenaar, T.M. and Alter, T.
In: Beneficial microorganisms in agriculture, food and the environment.

Sundh, I. Goettel M. and Wilckes A. (Eds).


CABI (2012)


book tracing pathogenesBOOK CHAPTER

Wassenaar, T.M.
In: Tracing pathogens in the food chain.
S. Brul, P.M. Fratamico, T.A. McMeekin (Eds.).

pp 342-357.

Woodhead Publishing Ltd. (2011)


handbook hydrocarbon lipid microbiologyBOOK CHAPTER

T.M. Wassenaar, T.T. Binnewies, P.F. Hallin and D.W. Ussery
In: Handbook of Hydrocarbon and Lipid Microbiology.
K.N. Timmis, T. McGenity, J.R. van der Meer, and V. de Lorenzo (Eds.) Part 5,
pp 4313-4327.

Springer (2009)


microbial pathogenomics


Genome comparison of bacterial pathogens. Wassenaar, T.M.,
Bohlin, J., Binnewies, T.T., and Ussery, D.W. pp. 1-20.

The Genome Burkholderia: Analysis of 56 genomic sequences.
Ussery, D.W., Kiil, K., Lagesen, K., Sicheritz-Ponten, T., Bohlin, J. and Wassenaar, T.M. pp. 140-157.

In: Microbial Pathogenomics.

H. de Reuse and S. Bereswill, Eds.

Karger (2009)



prokaryotesBOOK CHAPTER

Wassenaar, T.M. and Newell, D.G.
in: M. Dworkin, S. Falkow, E. Rosenberg, K-H. Schleifer, and E. Stackebrandt, eds.,
The Prokaryotes: A Handbook on the Biology of Bacteria,

Vol. 7, Proteobacteria, Delta and Epsilon Subclasses. Deeply Rooting Bacteria

Springer-SBM, New York (2002)

book campylobacterBOOK CHAPTER

Wassenaar, T.M., S. L.W. On, and R. Meinersmann
In: Campylobacter 2nd Edition. I. Nachamkin,
and M. J. Blaser, Eds.

pp 369-380.

ASM Press.  (2000)



Nuijten, P.J.M., Wassenaar, T.M., Newell, D.G. and Van der Zeijst, B.A.M.
in: Campylobacter jejuni: current status and future trends.
I. Nachamkin, M. J. Blaser and L. Tompkins, Eds.

pp 282-296.

ASM Press, (1992)